Nom Nom (I mean chocolate!) | #13 Pattern

Appropriate pattern for today, right? What's your favourite type of chocolate?
I really like milk and dark chocolate (specially the one with more than 70% cocoa).
Since I was little that I had a think for chocolate and chocolate flavoured things. Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate chip cookies... Chocolate cereals.
But I found myself nowadays being a little bit weird, because there are a lot of thins claiming that are chocolate, but then, they don't taste like chocolate to me, which leads to disappointment. If I'm eating something that says chocolate I wanted it to taste like, not to just look like it...

Oh well, I hope you have a nice day with at least a chocolate or two!!

Sleeping Kittens | Pattern #12

I mention this week that I should draw more cats, so... a pattern with cats sound awesome to start on that.

A couple years ago my grandmother had three stray cats in her backyard and their fur were all grey and stripes. So when I was colouring this cat pattern I remind myself of them.

Coffee & Shopping cart | Pattern #10 & #11

Coffee & Drinks | #10

I've been thinking in creating more patterns, but with all the changes in Nuts for Paper I haven't been able to create much. 
I struggled a lot when choosing the colours for this patterns. I have this tendency for blue and blue, and more blue. I still used blue, but my first urge was to use blue as the background colour. 
In the end I liked the end result, but if I ever make it for a Nuts for Paper notebook I think it needs a little something... maybe a tag or something along those lines.

Shopping Cart # 11

In this one I've try it to keep as neutral as possible, but with a big pop of colour. I'm seeing myself adapt this pattern to create a shopping list. Personally I would change the background for a blueish colour, but for reason I really like the pink in this pattern!

What's your thoughts on these patterns?

*I hope this week get back to normal schedule on posting this challenge, and not be two weeks late again.

I love Books | #9 Pattern

If you follow me on my other blog, or even on facebook you've might have noticed that we I have a serious obsession on books. This year I thought I was going to be good and only buy around 15 books for this year. But we're only in March and I'm already in 50 books!!! HOW did this happen? I have no idea! Well maybe... you know online shopping sucks, and it's really good in sucking you in. I don't regret any of the books I've purchased... and my excuse is that they are my birthday gift for myself... although my birthday is only in April. Oh well, but some books are already arriving and I can't wait to read them all! If you would like to see what I'm reading follow me on Goodreads