Some people celebrate, some like it, others don't.
Yesterday I share the draft I've made, today I share the final product.
For a long time I haven't been using my guache, it's a change from the acrylics, watercolour and colour pencils that I usually use. Maybe after this I can incorporate more in my daily work.

Hope you have a nice Halloween! or at least a good night (if you don't celebrate).

 Cat details

Skull details

Witch and frog details

pumpkins details

Halloween Work in Progress

Stay tuned in, tomorrow I will show what this Halloween Witch is up to!!!

Between the storm and Halloween

Mini me under the weather and thinking about witches and witchcrafts

It's pouring rain again. The weather as been perfect for horror and Halloween.
I'm working on some witches for that day... let's see If I can came up with something enough cute and creepy at same time.
Just a quick sketch of me...