Sketchbook Pages | February 2016

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Tools used | Materiais usados
Sketchbook with 250g paper;
Copic Ciao Y02, YR23, RV14, V05, E11, E33, E35, B97, W-2, W-3;
Zig Kuretake Brush Writer in Carmine Red and Light Grey;
Kuretake Brush Marker in Medium and Fine;
Black Markers in 0.5 and 0.1;
White Gel Pen.

Moving blog!

Este blog vai deixar de ser actualizado aqui. Se quiserem acompanhar os meus desenhos e ilustrações podem continuar a fazê-lo no

This blog won't be updated any more. If you want to keep seeing my drawings and illustrations come and follow me on

Trying acrylics...

Last week (before I got sick and barely leave the house) I got some acrylic paints.
These are really tiny ink containers (20g) - below you can see the colours that I fell in love with. I also choose colours that could work with the acrylics that I already own.
On next night I thought it was time to try them and that was what I came up with.

Conclusion - it's been awhile since I paint with acrylics and watercolours, it's easier to use them when you use them regularly. Practice makes you know the medium that your using. For sure it's something to keep using.

Forever trusting Who we are and nothing else matters

Lately I've trying and playing a little with my watercolours. In this case I was trying to use some shadows. I messed up the face (and I'm not even mention the hands) but the sweater looks how I wanted it to look and I really like the typography message.
Not all drawings are a success but I'm ok with that. (or at least I should remind myself of that).