Carousel Unicorns

#3 Week of the 52 Pattern Challenge

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen some horse drawing I've done recently (I will share them very soon here too). I wanted to create something different from what I usually do.
So I started to play with colours and patterns. Then it crossed my mind one portuguese children song that I use to sing all the time about a little horse made of paper on a carousel and also one phrase that I've see very often on tumblr - Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.
Yes my mind have misterious ways of working sometimes.

Instead of a regular carousel, I've created a mobile carousel with pink unicorns (because for some sort of reason I think the unicorns can be pink... I mean they are so awesome that they can be in any colour they wish!).

After that I've played a little bit more with colours and contrast, and choose three versions to share.
What's your thoughts about it?

and of course here is the unicorn!

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The girl with red flowers

Before sharing another pattern (this week's pattern) I have something yet to share.
In the first days of January I've done a special gift for a friend of my grandma. Both of them like a lot lace, embroidery and knitting things. This friend is always bringing and showing new and old projects to my grandma. Recently she showed us both some really old based drawings based on lace projects that we're from her mother. As her birthday was approaching, me and grandma gathered up and though about creating a pillow with an illustration inspired in those old drawings that we have been shown.

Since there was no much time to actually draw and paint the pillow, I didn't do any sketch and jump into the final artwork.
Started to lightly sketch the fabric with pencil, as soon I was satisfied with the drawing I started the painting process. Everything was painted with acrylics, fabric acrylics and fabric medium, and it was finished with fabric black marker.

Unfortunately there was no chance to take a photo to the final pillow, but still, here are a few details of the final illustration.

A little bit different from what I've been doing, but quite refreshing, at least for me. What's you're thoughts on the final illustration?


I still don't have words or a way to react to what happened yesterday in France.
But to me it only made sense this week pattern to be this #jesuischarlie
Ainda não tenho palavras ou reações ao que se passou ontem em França.
Mas para mim a única coisa que fazia sentido esta semana como padrão é isto.

#2 Week - 52 Challenge Pattern Design

provably not one of my best works, but one of the most emotional.

2015 and New Challenges!

Last year I decided to try the 365 challenge. Around mid May I gave up counting drawings. I'm pretty sure I've made 365 drawing/illustrations (or even more). It was a good thing to actually count them for awhile and know that I was on the right track.

This year I was undecided if trying again the 365 challenge or making something else. But today I've made my mind.

Every year has 52 weeks, the challenge I want to make is 52 weeks Pattern Design Challenge.
As you probably know in Nuts for Paper I'm always creating patterns. Sometimes it's a challenge to make them work. But I rarely create patterns just for myself.

The challenge is set and the first one is already here and it's already a favourite - because of cactus!
Cactus and succulents have been a trend in the past couple years, but for me it's long time love relationship because either at my parents house or my grandparents there was always loads of different cactus and succulents. And though when I was little I fell over twice over them (the ones with pointy spines - ouch) I still like them a lot. Recently I've been trying to incorporate more cactus in my drawings. So this kind of pattern is perfect for me. (I even make it my computer background!)

Let me know in the comments what do you think about this project and themes for next weeks!
O ano passado tentei o desafio dos 365 desenhos, sem grandes regras e temas. A meio de Maio deixei de contar desenhos, e quando me dei conta estava quase 100 desenhos atrasada e acabei por desistir. Mas tenho a certeza que fiz 365 desenhos/ilustrações diferentes, senão mais. Foi bom contá-los durante um tempo e ter a noção que todos os pequenos desenhos e esboços contam. Aliás penso que nem tinha a noção de quantos desenhos fazia.

Este ano estava indecisa se tentava repetir o desafio de 365 desenhos ou se fazia algo diferente. Mas hoje decidi-me!

Todos os anos têm 52 semanas. Já tenho visto vários desafios semanais em vez de diários. Por isso decidi experimentar. O desafio é criar 52 padrões diferentes ao longo do ano. Como devem saber na Nuts for Paper estou sempre a criar novos padrões, mas raramente o faço para mim.

O desafio está lançado e o primeiro está feito, e já é um favorito, simplesmente porque têm cactos!
Os cactos e as suculentas estão na "moda" já à um par de anos, mas para mim são uma paixão muito antiga! Desde pequena que estou sempre rodeada de cactos, seja em casa dos meus pais ou na casa dos meus avós. E apesar de vários acidentes com os mesmos (mesmo com aqueles cheios de picos que se enfiam na pele e não se vêm mas doem e bastante!) continuo a gostar muito deles. Mais recentemente tenho tentado incorporar desenhos de cactos nas minhas ilustrações. Por isso este padrão é perfeito para mim. (é tão perfeito que é o meu fundo do computador e capa no facebook!)

Deixem as vossas opiniões nos comentários sobre este desafio e sugestões de temas para  as próximas semanas!

#1 Week - Pattern Design Challenge - Potted Cactus

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