Cats and Ladybugs - Small Illustrations

Used kuretake bimoji extra fine tip, copics ciao (they were purple but look like grey in the background) black fine liner in 0.01 and white gel pen ( uni-ball signo)

A few drawings on card size and toned paper. A while back I've purchased some cards in kraft type paper to make drawings. But I've always struggled with what to draw in such small size.
In the last few days, whenever I need a break from work I simple doodle something in these cards and voilá these are a few of the drawings that were born.

 I used kuretake bimoji extra fine, copic ciao R27 - Cadmium red and uni-ball signo in white

Used pentel brush pen, kuretake bimoji extra fine, copic ciao markers and uni ball signo white gel pen

INKtober 12 - 18

Another #inktober drawing. This one was birthday gift for a friend. Done with kuretake bimoji brush pen, kuretake brush writer in light grey, ecoline (liquid watercolour) in scarlet, watercolour pencil in blue and black fine liner. 

Finally catching up with #inktober again. Used pentel brush pen, black fine liner, white gel pen and copics

14th day of  #intober - again in a Halloween spirit. Channelling my inner Wednesday Addams! Used Kuretake bimoji brush pen and Kuretake Brush Writer in Light Grey
Something different for 15th day of #inktober - Black Fine Liner, Kuretake Brush Writer in Grey and Copic.
Hello! This is the 16th day of #INKtober! I love to draw common objects - like vintage telephones. Used Kuretake Bimoji brush pen, Copics and Black Fine liner
17th day of #INKtober and I'm back to black and grey with Pentel Brush Pen, Copics and Kuretake Brush Writer in Light Grey

INKtober 5-11

5th day Humm I feel Like I'm being watched.. | Used Pentel Brush Pen, Black Fineliner and Copic markers.and Kuretake Brush Writer in Light Grey
Walking in day 6th of #inktober still thinking about cosy clothes and sweater weather. Pentel brush pen, fine liner 0.01, Copic markers and Kuretake Brush Writer in Light Grey
Pumpkins and pumpkins... I'm slowly getting in the Halloween spirit!! #thisishalloween and still doing the #inktober 7th day and in this one the line art was made with pentel brush pen. Colours with copics and grey shading with kuretake brush writer in light grey
8th day of #inktober ... Fall hasn't arrive here yet. We can still dress light skirts and short sleeves. Used Kuretake Bimoji and Copics Ciao - B12, RV21, E00 and E11. Drawing, look and pose inspired by @kittenhoods
9th day of #inktober today I'm into pastel plaid and flowers. Used kuretake bimoji brush pen and copic.
10th day of #inktober today only in black ink. Done with kuretake bimoji brush pen 
11th drawing for #inktober it sort of reminds me Enid from ghost world. Used kuretake bimoji black pen and kuretake brush writer in light grey and grey. White gel pen for stars and 0.1 black fine liner for details

Last week INTober illustrations
More about Inktober here.

Basic tools for drawing


Today I thought I would share some tools that I have been using in my drawings and illustrations. If this is something that interest you keep reading...


Could be a INKtober drawing, but it wasn't. Just a rant about a crazy monday.
My reaction to last Monday morning. I was expecting a quite and productive morning, instead there was noise, constant interruptions and no work done.

Pentel Brush Pen
Black Fine liner 0.1
Copic Ciao Markers

Inktober 1-4

1st day - Used Pentel Brush Pen, Uni pin Fine Line 0.1 and Copics

2nd day - Used Pentel Brush Pen, Uni pin Fine Line 0.1 and Copics

3rd day - Used Pentel Brush Pen, Uni pin Fine Line 0.1 and Copics

4th day - Used Pentel Brush Pen, Uni pin Fine Line 0.1 and Copics
More about Inktober here.

September Favourites'15

This month I decided to try something new and list a few of my favourites in a drawing format!

1) 2015/2016 Planner - Handmade by me (Nuts for Paper.)
I was trying a new product design and ended up to stay with the tester for me. It's a mix of book cloth (the red part) and pattern design paper with ladybugs and butterflies. Of course in my favourite colour combo - red and blue.

2) Messenger Bag (from Asos brand)
I both this bag in the beginning of summer, but only now I'm starting to use it. I love this style of bag. I just wish it was a little bigger so my computer could fit in.

3) Blue Baker's Twine (from Made in Paper)
I've stock up my Baker's Twine - at moment I have it in three shades of blue. If I find more blue shades I might feel tempted to add it to my "collection".

4) Copic Ciao Markers
I've been building on this collection of markers in the past months. At the moment I have 73 different shades and I'm very happy with it! and with the perspective of creating more original artwork with them.

5) Curls Curls Curls Curls
At last, after so many months of pushing it back, I went to my hairdresser and make curls. I feel like myself again!

6) Hobbit Day!! (22nd of September)
If you don't know what Hobbit Day, it's Bilbo and Frodo Baggins birthday! (Yes, I'm a huge nerd and fan for Tolkien books, and also Peter Jackson movie adaptation). With that in mind I've started to re-read The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring!!

7) New Pencils
This month I got a few new colour pencils. I hadn't use them for a few years, and I'm very excited to use them again.

8) and Fall/ Autumn is here!!


Cats + Books + Succulents (all I'm missing is the cats, although I can always draw them)
These drawings are for a custom order for Nuts for Paper planner.

My Happy Little Corner

A sketch of me in my happy little corner in my living room. This is were usually sit and work, but also spend endless hours on the internet (and sometimes even playing Sims 4).
I also read and draw in this spot. It can be messy, but I'm working on it.

The Day I build a new Sketchbook

And filled the first page with a drawing about it! It was also a comeback to paint with coloured pencils. And also a comeback of cartoonish self portraits in one of my most common outfits (my three shades of grey outfit - completely NOT related with any Shades of Grey book)

Somos Amigos? | Histórias de Ajudaris 2015

Este ano participei novamente com uma ilustração para o projecto Histórias de Ajudaris.
O texto que me calhou foi escrito pelos Alunos do 4ºB do Agrupamento de Escolas Marcelino Mesquita do Cartaxo - EB1 n.º 1 José Tagarro. O texto fala sobre sermos diferentes e sobre sermos amigos (apesar das diferenças que possamos ter.)

Podem encontrar a ilustração que fiz o ano passado aqui.

Em baixo a versão a linha. antes de colorida.

E a versão a lápis

But first coffee! | #17 Pattern

Some time ago I've shared my to-do-list in my instagram account. And it was one of those days that it seemed that it was endless!!
Once in a while, (it doesn't matter if it's morning, afternoon or even night) I have to stop for a second, before attack the piles of work and then this comes to my mind - but first coffee... and cookie or two ;)

Time is running out | #16 Pattern Clocks

Do you ever feel like time is running out? Lately I've been feeling like that a lot.
Sometimes all we need is take some time off to re-balance ourselves.  Otherwise if we let stress rule our daily lives we will burn out very quickly!

Do you have suggestions for these patterns? Feel free to let them in comments!

Can't touch this | #15 Pattern Fancy Sunglasses

After a long silence, I'm back with my challenge. I'm many weeks behind but, I haven't gave up yet.
The 15th Pattern is all about Fancy sunglasses! Although I barely use sunglasses because I need ones that have graduated lens, otherwise I'll start to have headaches. So I got use to just bare with sun in my eyes.

What about you? Do you always carry your sunglasses?

Are made for walking | 14th Pattern

I love sneakers and walking is the only "sport" I actually enjoy without losing a lung. Maybe I should grab my own sneakers and walk more.

What's your favourite type of shoe?

Nom Nom (I mean chocolate!) | #13 Pattern

Appropriate pattern for today, right? What's your favourite type of chocolate?
I really like milk and dark chocolate (specially the one with more than 70% cocoa).
Since I was little that I had a think for chocolate and chocolate flavoured things. Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate chip cookies... Chocolate cereals.
But I found myself nowadays being a little bit weird, because there are a lot of thins claiming that are chocolate, but then, they don't taste like chocolate to me, which leads to disappointment. If I'm eating something that says chocolate I wanted it to taste like, not to just look like it...

Oh well, I hope you have a nice day with at least a chocolate or two!!

Sleeping Kittens | Pattern #12

I mention this week that I should draw more cats, so... a pattern with cats sound awesome to start on that.

A couple years ago my grandmother had three stray cats in her backyard and their fur were all grey and stripes. So when I was colouring this cat pattern I remind myself of them.