Work in progress - Can't wait to show this piece finished!!


This drawing was also made for yesterday's workshop. Inspired by the little dark spiders that were all around the place we were having the workshop.


This saturday I participate in workshop about fanzines, where we created a collective fanzine. This was one of my contribuitions. It says "this is the way I run from the rain". I was trying to go for something a little bit nonsense I guess.


Dreams + Daydreamers + Daydreaming + Dreamcatcher = something existing is just around the corner in the Nuts for Paper facebook page.


Living in a dream

Illustration for an exhibition - Soon [check more about it in the Nuts for Paper Facebook page]



This is almost a first for a really long time, drawing with no reference. And it's not a squirrel or whatsoever.


This april was wierd, it barely had rain... it only means that soon there will be rain. Probably when it should be sunny!