031/365 | Sketchbook'14

Something a bit different for today's daily sketch. After all it's the end of January (already jeez!!) and time to look back and see all the drawings I've made this month. I'm happy that I'm sticking with this - one drawing a day.

When I was a child I would like to have a blue room, with dark blue walls. Instead I had pink blankets and after I had a yellow period with yellow curtains and matching blankets and pillows over the bed. I can't complain, I love it. But the blue walls was really what I wanted. Now a days I'm happy with my white walls filled with postcards and other memorabilia. My room lingers between wood, neutrals tones a lot of blue hues! I even convinced my grandma doing me some granny squares blanket with three blue colours! I love it, it's one of my precious possessions!

Lately I've been trying to be minimal in colour in my work. Sometimes works, others don't. I'm not 100% happy with this drawing but I had fun doing it and that's enough for today.

029/365 & 030/365

Today's #dailysketch. Straight from my #sketchbook - the last details of the squirrels from Nuts for Paper for this Valentines day. Finally this drawings will come to life!
The squirrels are getting in the mood for valentines day. More news soon at @NutsforPaper #dailysketch #sketchbook @aoutramafalda #squirrels #illustration [via Instagram]

Nuts for Paper squirrels just in time for Valentines day! #dailysketch
@NutsforPaper squirrels almost ready for Valentines day. #dailysketch #sketchbook #squirrels #illustration #squirrel #valentinesday [also via Instagram]

I've also made a quick video showing a bit how I put colour in these drawings

Bunny Love - Sketchbook'14 | 023/365

The king of today's sketch is the bunny. But I didn't wanted to leave him alone so I drew him some company.

bunny detail

pencil drawing

bunny sketch

Sketchbook'14 | 015-022/365

click in the image to see it bigger
after been for almost a week without making or posting my daily sketch, I'm back with five sketches combined into one. I've miss drawing.
if you want to know what's been going on check Thursday Bits on the Nuts for Paper blog. And after that well it was flu time for me :( At least I feel good again to draw.

head on the clouds | 012/365

Today I'm feeling like this, with my head on the clouds. I like this drawing, I might do an illustration based on this. It's not the first time that draw something over the head on the clouds theme, you can find it here - Cabeça nas Nuvens.


Revamp of other day sketch. Still feeling sick and in no conditions to grab some pencils and create something new. See you tomorrow

Sketchbook'14 | 010/365

Today I decided to do something a different. Quick reference sketch with pencil and brush marker, and then played a little in the photoshop with some textures and shades.

My name is Calamity \\ 009/365

I really liked this drawing. Calamity is such a strong word, and also Calamity Jane was such a character. Perfect mix in my book.


Today I'm feeling so under the weather. I'm with cold, I couldn't even think about drawing or do much actually. But I manage to convince myself quickly paint a previous sketch. The 3rd of the year.
At least this brighten up a little my day.

Sketchbook'14 | 007/365

Today's quick sketch. I miss reading, you know grab a book and only close it when it's finished.

Sketchbook'14 | 006/2013

Today was the first day back on the Nuts for Paper. Yes the squirrels are back in business. This was the day to program what this new year will bring. So many good things awaits us!!

Sketchbook'14 | 004/365

Thankfully I did a extra sketch in the other day, 'cause I have no time to do a sketch, or at least to do and post a new sketch today. I'm going to be in a new year's concert as part of a choir performing Queen musics.

Sketchbook'14 | 003/365

I've missed drawing people. After an intensive time mainly drawing squirrels, it feels good drawing what I like most. People!

Sketchbook'14 | 002/365

Second drawing of 2014 365 drawing challenge.


Novo ano, novos projectos, sonhos antigos
a começar por 365 desenhos, um por cada dia do ano. o primeiro ja está no Scribbling Drafts

New year, new projects, old dreams
starting with 365 drawings, one for each day of the year. the first one is already at Scribbling Drafts.

Sketchbook'14 | 001/365

«the only thing limiting you is you» \\ you can go as far as your mind lets you. what you believe you can achieve

this year i decided to challenge myself. last year I've drawn a lot, and really like it. so in 2014 I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and make a drawing per day. that doesn't mean I will post all days, but I will make a drawing per day. doesn't need to be big, finished, or fancy. but something.

this represents well the past few days. it's cold outside, and it feels good to rolled out in blankets reading or writting. I've also recently read "Blankets" a graphic novel by Craig Thompson (i love it).