This drawing was also made for yesterday's workshop. Inspired by the little dark spiders that were all around the place we were having the workshop.


This saturday I participate in workshop about fanzines, where we created a collective fanzine. This was one of my contribuitions. It says "this is the way I run from the rain". I was trying to go for something a little bit nonsense I guess.


Dreams + Daydreamers + Daydreaming + Dreamcatcher = something existing is just around the corner in the Nuts for Paper facebook page.


Living in a dream

Illustration for an exhibition - Soon [check more about it in the Nuts for Paper Facebook page]



This is almost a first for a really long time, drawing with no reference. And it's not a squirrel or whatsoever.


This april was wierd, it barely had rain... it only means that soon there will be rain. Probably when it should be sunny!


Sweet Ballerina!
I don't draw enough dancing ballerinas. I imagine this one in light watercolours... What do you think?


In spring I tend to spend my time in my leggings and my scarfs. This Is kind of my what I wear. A Bun in the hair (lazy hair), crazy huge scarf, leggings, boots and some big coat over it! And I'm out of the door.