The Fruit Girls Series \\ Kiwi Girl

Kiwi Girl \\ Moça Kiwi

A moça Kiwi é dada a humores, tanto é doce como azeda. Mas quem consegue chegar ao seu âmago sabe é forte e dura de roer.

Strawberry Girl

Strawberry Girl \\ Moça Morango

A Moça Morango sente-se um pouco verde em relação à vida, mas têm esperança num futuro doce. Enquanto espera que esse tal futuro chegue entretém-se com os Strawberry Fields Forever.

The Fruit Girls Series \\ Watermelon Girl

Watermelon Girl \\ Moça Melancia

A moça melancia é doce e melancólica. Ecologista a 100%. Gosta de passear pelos campos e perder-se em profundas reflexões.

Illustration | Like O, Like H - OH!

What would be if you put together in the same room four lolitas? Talking with which others. Would they have OH moment?
Tittle inspired by the music Like O, Like H by Tegan & Sara.

Original drawing \\ Pencil and Ink

Chubby wishes Happy Birthday!

Chubby baked a cake for you!! But she eat it all to celebrate your birthday!

Say hi to Chubby Maroon, my alter-ego and mascot at Nuts for Paper.
Today is my friend and partner in crime birthday. So I draw her Chubby saying happy birthday!

If you don't know Chubby yet, she is very frisky and is always ready to make mischief. She as a HUGE sweet tooth, and her biggest weakness is food... mainly chocolate chip cookies! She needs a diet, a really serious one, but gluttony is stronger.