Sketchbook \\ Contemplative Girl

Contemplative Girl

Começo a achar que tenho uma fixação por pessoas que usam chapéu. Já são mais do que uma dúzia de vezes que dou por mim a desenhar pessoas de chapéu. (como podem ver no Sketchbook \\ Do what you love e no Still thinking about summer)
Desenhar sempre da mesma maneira é algo impossivel no meu mundo, especialmente porque tenho a tendência a aborrecer-me com facilidade, o que me leva a estar sempre a experimentar diferentes coisas.
Quando começo um desenho, começo sempre pela linha. Mas nunca é a mesma coisa. Nunca começa um desenho sempre da mesma maneira, com esta ou aquela parte do corpo. Às vezes começo com um detalhe até atingir o todo, outras vezes começo com uma estrutura e só depois os detalhes.

I'm starting to think I'm obsessed with people wearing hats. I've already catch myself drawing people with hats more than a few times. (as you can see in Sketchbook \\ Do what you love and Still thinking about summer)
Because drawing always in the same way, it's something quite impossible to me, and i have tendency to get bored easily, I'm always trying out different things. 
I start with some line art. But it's never the same. I don't always start by drawing this or that part of the body. Sometimes I start with a detail until reach the all, other times I start with a structure and move on to the details. 

Dreamcatcher girl \\ A Moça Espanta-Espíritos

Capa do meu diário gráfico \\ Sketchbook Cover
"and it was then she realized that even out of the darkest nightmare, something good could come."

Dreamcatcher Girl
she wanders in her dreams, beading all the good memories for one day to remember. Woven an intricate pattern to hold the fears and past tears.

A Moça Espanta-Espíritos
ela vagueia entre os seus sonhos, guardando as boas memórias em pequenas contas para mais tarde as recordar. entrelaça um complexo padrão que retém os medos e as antigas lágrimas.

as the years pass by my blank notebook collections diminish. meanwhile I learned to appreciate the pleasure to create from scratch a notebook. Since the sheets selection until the cover drawing.
this year, and with the Nuts for Paper creation, notebooks seam to vanish so fast. the ideas and drawings are a constant thing, and that makes me very happy.

há medida que os anos passam a minha coleção de cadernos em branco começa a diminuir. No entanto com o tempo aprendi a apreciar a criação total dum caderno. Desde a seleção das folhas à escolha de um desenho para a capa.
este ano e com a criação da Nuts for Paper os cadernos parecem que me voam das mãos. as ideias e os desenhos são constantes e isso deixa-me bastante feliz.

Sketchbook \\ Staring into the void

Staring into the void
Trying something different of my usual. I usually draw in pencil and ink the lineart of my drawings with black markers.
Once in a awhile I try do it with brush, because I think it gives a total different feeling that I really like to see, but that I feel I haven't achieve the right control over the brush to do it - or maybe haven't found the perfect brush for it, yet.
Sometimes I'm able to ink with the brush, like in this one, other times I ruin a nice sketch. I guess I just need to keep practicing.

Sketchbook \\ She's got soul

She's got soul \\ Sketchbook
Tenho tentado tirar umas horas por semana para desenhar livremente, este desenho foi o resultado duma dessas sessões de desenho.
Espero dar-lhe cor/alma brevemente!

Recently I've taken a few hours a week to draw freely, this is one the results from a drawing session.
Hopefully will be coloured soon.

The Fruit Girls Series \\ Kiwi Girl

Kiwi Girl \\ Moça Kiwi

A moça Kiwi é dada a humores, tanto é doce como azeda. Mas quem consegue chegar ao seu âmago sabe é forte e dura de roer.

Strawberry Girl

Strawberry Girl \\ Moça Morango

A Moça Morango sente-se um pouco verde em relação à vida, mas têm esperança num futuro doce. Enquanto espera que esse tal futuro chegue entretém-se com os Strawberry Fields Forever.

The Fruit Girls Series \\ Watermelon Girl

Watermelon Girl \\ Moça Melancia

A moça melancia é doce e melancólica. Ecologista a 100%. Gosta de passear pelos campos e perder-se em profundas reflexões.

Illustration | Like O, Like H - OH!

What would be if you put together in the same room four lolitas? Talking with which others. Would they have OH moment?
Tittle inspired by the music Like O, Like H by Tegan & Sara.

Original drawing \\ Pencil and Ink

Chubby wishes Happy Birthday!

Chubby baked a cake for you!! But she eat it all to celebrate your birthday!

Say hi to Chubby Maroon, my alter-ego and mascot at Nuts for Paper.
Today is my friend and partner in crime birthday. So I draw her Chubby saying happy birthday!

If you don't know Chubby yet, she is very frisky and is always ready to make mischief. She as a HUGE sweet tooth, and her biggest weakness is food... mainly chocolate chip cookies! She needs a diet, a really serious one, but gluttony is stronger.

8th - Women's Day

This drawing had another and completely different purpose.
But I wanted to posted today... and I think that shows some of my appreciation for woman beauty.

Today is the International Women's day. And although I understand it's importance, I think in western world it slowly become insignificant (at least for the majority of the people, and mainly for ignorance of the reasons behind the day).

Anyway I hope you had a good day, and you still have time to show some appreciation to the women in your life (if you haven't done before).

Love will tear us apart

love will tear us apart
Did I ever mention that I am a romantic person?
Although that, I'm also quite pessimist, so most likely a romantic story written or told by me won't end very well. But that's life right?

love will tear us apart again

What's up Doc? - Bunny Lady

What's up Doc?
Back away, in 2012 Easter's I've draw some bunny ladies. As I am already preparing myself for drawing more bunnies (for this year's Easter, and my own pleasure) I've decide to warm up a little and paint this old sketch of Bunny Lady wishes Happy Easter with a plot twist and quick remembering of Bugs Bunny.
So... What's up Doc? ;)

{never} turn your back on love

{never} turn your back on love
Although I don't celebrate Valentines day, I'm quite romantic person, despite I try to omit or even hide it.
I think it's silly have a day to celebrate love, when love should be celebrate all the time, any time. There's no need to schedule it, just enjoy it, and don't turn your back on it.