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Illustration'12 | Crónicas: Oportunidades e Desafios

Updates & Workspace'12

Mini me

Scream like you mean it


People write songs about girls like you

Leg UP!

Mrs Red Ridding Hood and her Granddaughter

I bet you look good on the dance floor

Sketchbook'12 | Boing Boing Boing

Sketchbook'12 | Tu, eu e os meus livros

Sketchbook'12 | The Bearded Bear

Sketchbook'12 | The quick fox jumps over Jumbo

Sketchbook'12 | Made with Love

Sketchbook'12 | Wake up and smell the coffee

Sketchbook'12 | Bunny Lady wishes Happy Easter

Illustration'12 | Happy Easter

Sketchbook'12 | are you the easter bunny?

Illustration'12 | Spring Bunnie

Sketchbook'12 | Santa Cruz

Sketchbook'11 | Are you the easter bunnie?

Sketchbook'12 | Gatinho

WIP'12 | Bunnies

Sketchbook'12 | Fashion (dis)Proportions

Sketchbook'12 | Pequeno Arrufo